Handling the media

Toby Harris Associates is able to offer high level mentoring and support to senior people on how best to handle the media.  The strength of this is the personal experience of Lord Toby Harris.

Over a twenty year period, he probably gave an average of at least a hundred radio or television interviews a year, appearing frequently on flagship programmes like Radio 4’s Today and BBC2’s Newsnight, as well as local TV and radio.

He has also faced many major communications and media handling challenges over the years, including:

– Putting the London Boroughs’ point of view in the media and elsewhere during the period running up to the passage of the Greater London Authority Act and the election of the first Mayor of London.

– Acting as spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Authority during controversies about such matters as deaths in police custody, stop and search, and many other matters.

In addition, he has experience of defending or putting unpopular points of view, and of delivering careful and nuanced positions.  In recent years, examples have included commenting on Government proposals to extend the period of pre-charge detention for terrorist suspects, the shooting by the police of Jean-Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Station, the position of Sir Ian Blair, or the failures of the Metropolitan Police adequately to control the use of official-issue credit cards by officers.  In the past, he has been the spokesperson for the London Boroughs on such matters as the introduction of the poll tax/community charge and the level of Council Tax.