Public Engagement

Toby Harris Associates is able to provide advice, support and guidance on effective public engagement and consultation, based on the thirty years experience of Lord Toby Harris in this field.


Lord Toby Harris is widely regarded as an expert in public engagement and consultation techniques.  His twelve years as Director of the Association of Community Health Councils and before that as a CHC member, articulating the views of NHS users was necessarily based on effective local consultation and engagement.  This was recognised by the Department of Health with his appointment as an NHS Charter Advisor.


As a local and regional politician, he led many consultation exercises, including a number into difficult and controversial local issues.


In 2006 and 2007, he led “Counter-Terrorism: The London Debate”, a major exercise in engaging with Londoners to explore their views on the counter-terrorism effort.  This involved six major public hearings, meetings in thirty-two London boroughs and focus group discussions on university campuses.  The resulting report has led to major changes in policing practice and, following discussion of the themes of the report with the then Prime Minister and with Ministers and officials from seven Government Departments, has had many of its recommendations incorporated into Government policy.