Stakeholder Involvement

Toby Harris Associates provides strategic advice and mentoring on how best to build effective stakeholder relationships.   Lord Toby Harris has a long history of ensuring that the organisations with which he has been associated have developed and maintained good working relationships with their partners and stakeholders.


In July 2000, Lord Toby Harris became the first Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority, and one of his first priorities was to establish high quality relationships with a substantial list of stakeholders.  Critical to this was the relationship with the Commissioner and the MPS as a whole, but effective working arrangements had to be set up with the Mayor and the Greater London Authority, with the Home Office (who had carried the role of police authority for the previous 170 years), and with the 32 London Boroughs and their crime and disorder reduction partnerships.  At the same time, the confidence of London’s communities in the new governance arrangements had to be secured.  This was progressed effectively through formal and informal mechanisms and meant that by 2004 the MPA had the necessary good relationships with most of its stakeholders.


Similarly, when he was the first Chair of the Association of London Government (now London Councils) from 1995 to 2000, he worked with all the other key organisations in London, leading – inter alia – to his role as Joint Chair of the London Pride Partnership which brought the business community and local government together to work on and agree a common agenda for London, along with other key groupings including the voluntary sector, the faith communities etc..


Earlier, as a Council Leader, he had built up good formal and informal relationships with local business, the police, the local NHS, the local newspapers, faith groups and minority communities.

This expertise and experience is now used to advise a range of businesses and public sector organisations.