Working with Politicians and the Political World

Toby Harris Associates provides strategic high-level mentoring and support to senior executives on understanding and working with politicians and the political world, underpinned by the experience of Lord Toby Harris, who has been involved in political activity for over 35 years.


He was a member of the Labour Party National Policy Forum for twelve years, a member of the Party’s National Executive Committee Local Government Sub-Committee and of the Board of the Greater London Labour Party until 2004.


He has grown up with many members of Parliament and has worked closely with Ministers and Shadow Ministers over many years.  He was appointed by Tony Blair as a member of the House of Lords in 1998 and is Chair of the Labour Peers.


He worked closely with Ken Livingstone for his eight years as Mayor of London and was nominated by his successor, Boris Johnson, to oversee the corporate governance of the Metropolitan Police for a number of years.


Lord Toby Harris has an in-depth personal knowledge of how the UK political world works and a huge experience of British national and local government.