Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Security and Resilience

After four years chairing the Metropolitan Police Authority, Lord Toby Harris was appointed in 2004 as the Home Secretary’s representative on the Authority – a unique role with responsibility for overseeing the national and international functions of the Metropolitan Police, primarily its work on counter-terrorism and security, for which it is lead force.

He was a member of the Home Office’s Police Counter-Terrorism Board and of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Counter-Terrorism.

In Parliament, he is a member of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy.

He chairs the Advisory Council of City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN).


He is acknowledged as an expert on counter-terrorism, homeland security and resilience, frequently appearing on radio and television.  His speaking engagements have included:


“Cyber-security and resilience” (CSARN) 3 July 2012

“Cyber-security and the CNI” (Henry Jackson Society) 21 February 2012

“Government Security Strategy” (DSEI) 15 September 2011

“Business and Terrorism” (Henry Jackson Society) 28 June 2011

“Delivering Five Star Security” (CSARN) 1 April 2011

“Current Developments in Counter-Terrorism” (ASIS) 16 March 2011

“Counter-terrorism: A proportionate and appropriate response” (RSMF) 21 July 2010

“Global Security – A Forward Look” (Unisys Global Security Forum) 22 June 2010

“Countering Terrorism in a Changed World” (Counter Terror Expo, Olympia) 15 April 2010

“Delivering Counter Terrorism” (RUSI) 17 March 2010

“Security and Anti-Terrorism”  (Centre for Parliamentary Studies)  25 November 2009

“Terrorism Trends and Threats”  (ASIS)  20 November 2008

“The UK’s Vulnerability”  (ISSA – UK)  11 September 2008

“Counter-Terrorism Strategy  (ISNR)  5 December 2007

“Policing Terrorism”  (Royal United Services Institute)  15 February 2007

“Counter-terrorism – Governance and Accountability”  (Home Office)  8 February 2007

“Emergency Planning”  (VEGA)  10 October 2006

“Community Engagement in Counter-Terrorism”  (Association of Chief Police Officers)  23 May 2006

“Integrated Emergency Planning: Lessons from the London Attacks”  (Harrogate Management Centre)  16 November 2005

“Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure”  (Infosec Europe)  26 April 2005

“Protecting Critical Networks”  (Chatham House)  21 March 2005


He has also spoken frequently in the House of Lords on the subject (see, for example, the Second Reading debate on the Counter-Terrorism Bill in July 2008).