Information security and assurance

Lord Toby Harris has been heavily involved with policy on information security and assurance for a number of years. 

He initiated a debate on the information resilience of the critical national infrastructure in December 2004.  He was a member of the House of Lords Select Committee that inquired into personal internet security in 2006/7 and took part in the debate on this in October 2008.

He is Treasurer of the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum (PICTFOR) and is a Digital Industries Ambassador.

Digital industries ambassador

He has spoken at a number of major conferences and seminars on these topics, including:


“Cyber-security and resilience” (3rd July 2012, CSARN)

“Cyber-security and the CNI” (21st February 2012, Henry Jackson Society)

“Public Confidence Endangered?” (24th February 2009, Financial Sector Technology)

“Information Security – Public Confidence Endangered”  (15th September 2008, ENISA, Heraklion)

“Secure Software Development”  (9th May 2008, Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network)

“Personal Internet Security”  (19th September 2007, Microsoft CISO Conference)

“What are the Risks to the Citizen”  (4th September 2007, IAAC Identity Assurance Workshop)

“Expectations of the Digital Citizen”  (11th July 2007, IAAC Annual Symposium)

“Information Security – No More the Cinderella”  (20th June 2007, FIRST Conference, Seville)

“E-Commerce within the Property Market – What do the Public Expect”  (4th May 2007, PISCES)

“Identity and Security – The Role of Government”  (21st March 2007, Microsoft CISO Conference)

“IT Security – The Legislative and Regulatory Response”  (14th November 2005, Annual Secure IT Forum)

“Protecting Critical Networks”  (21st March 2005, Chatham House)